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automated vms/msp job aggregation & cleanup

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The VMSpark platform is full of features that staffing agencies can utilize to streamline their recruiters workflow. At its core, VMSpark aggregates and cleans up job data from VMS and MSP clients. From there, you are able to sync the data with other services or ATS providers. Staffing agencies also can log in to the VMSpark portal to search for their jobs all in one location.

Continuing To Innovate With Additional Staffing Agency Features

Not only does VMSpark manage all your VMS and MSP job requisitions, our portal has several additional features staffing agencies can utilize. New features are being deployed regularly to allow staffing agencies and recruiters streamline their daily workflow. Not only does VMSpark continue to innovate in the staffing industry, we continue to provide first class customer service to our customers. To see how VMSpark can help your agency, request a demo today.

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Establishing a strong online presence is crucial in the healthcare staffing sector. Bolstering your candidate database is key to enhancing your chances of matching the ideal candidate with each job opportunity.

In addition to our VMSpark Platform, we provide a range of complementary digital marketing services to support your agency’s success. Whether you’re seeking a modernized website or aiming to broaden your online footprint, reach out to us for a customized quote today

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