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These are our featured integrations, meticulously curated to enhance the functionality and efficiency of our platform. In addition to these established integrations, we also specialize in crafting custom integration solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. As we continuously strive to expand our integration offerings, we eagerly seek additional integration partners to collaborate with. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and inquire about integrating your solution with ours.

60+ VMS & MSP Integrations

Akken Cloud Integration
AkkenCloud is a cloud-based platform for staffing and recruiting agencies, offering integrated solutions for talent acquisition, including applicant tracking, CRM, and back-office management in one intuitive interface.
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NextCrew is a workforce management platform designed to simplify scheduling and communication for businesses with flexible staffing needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
TargetRecruit is a specialized cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment CRM crafted for staffing agencies, featuring candidate sourcing, tracking, client management, job posting, and reporting capabilities.
Kamana is a platform streamlining healthcare credentialing and provider management, offering solutions for credential management, privileging, and compliance tracking. Its intuitive tools and automation features enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.
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BluePipes provides healthcare professionals with tools for managing their careers, including resume building, credential tracking, and job searching.
Wolf Software
A platform for your candidates looking for work. A platform for your clients looking to hire. A platform for you and your team. All three platforms come together in one place powered by a supreme autonomous engine. Never miss another business opportunity.
Ascend Nurses
Ascend Nurses is a job board platform where talented nurses can connect with top healthcare companies looking to hire. Our mission is to make the job search process as easy and efficient as possible for both nurses and employers.
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Partner With Us

Vivian's mission is to empower every healthcare professional to find their perfect job. Vivian Health is helping over 1.9 million healthcare professionals find their next job.

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